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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Anatoliy | Katie 8.28.10

Really fun couple and an amazing wedding it was! They were both fun and even all the grooms men and brides maids were equally fun! Throughout the day the progression of interesting moments kept adding up all the way through the end! Right up to the most beautiful sunset you could see in Hartford CT. To be honest the wedding went along very smooth in my opinion and what I loved most about it was the ample amount of time for taking pictures and such! that is what I cant stress enough for couples.View full post »

New Post Every week for 2011!

Hello. So Ive decided to do a new post once every week for all of 2011. Yes this is not gonna be easy at some points but I will do my best to keep you all updated with all the latest pictures videos or design things I will be working on this new year! Encouragement is always welcome from bloggers, and people alike, also leaving comments or liking it will help encourage me to continue to do this to the end! Helping me reach this goal to post something new every week! If possible post more in aView full post »

Alaska Video Series Part 1

This is the first part of a 4 part series, where Filipp and I travel to Alaska, Here is some of the things we did and saw. This was all filmed in January 2010. I also did not know much about video so I quickly made these composites, dont mind the amateur work Enjoy! Alaska Trip January 2010 Part 1 from Aleksandr Verbetsky on Vimeo.View full post »

“The Search” Short film

The Search from Aleksandr Verbetsky on Vimeo. A short film which was written to help promote Talent awareness.  I am not a videographer but I decided to take on this idea and make it reality with motion picture. Everything was done on a Nikon D300s with a Nikon 18-200mm F3.5 lens. I used Adobe Premiere Pro for all the post processing work. Thanks to Filipp Kishko and his ideas, we were able to complete this in time. 13 hours were put into this short and a whole day spent shooting and editing.View full post »

CD project

my final project for my Typography class was a CD cover. I wanted to do something more original then just a picture so I used type to create the letter A. Here is what came out! Enjoy!View full post »

Going away Shoot

So we have some of our friends from choir leaving and we decided to make them a going away present. And yes because im posting this it involved pictures. On our stage we made a little photo shoot area, one flash and the background flood lights in the ceiling, this was about the best it got. But anyways Here are some of the shots of our FGC youth choir! Enjoy!View full post »

Oleg | Nadia 8.21.10

These two were a great! couple to work with. From the start (Engagement photos) I noticed the genuine connection they shared. I couldn’t be more happier that those two found each other. God bless them and their future together! Here are a few shots from there very own special day together! Enjoy!View full post »

New Business card!

This is the latest in Design, a updated business card, looking fresh!View full post »

Photo Restoration!

If you have an old photo that you know might get lost or damaged even more later on in the years or would like to have one of your Photographs restored back to its original solid state, it can be done! Dont let your memories be forgotten, also you get a digital copy to make duplicates when ever you want . Here are a few examples.  (on the left are the originals, Right, Restored) Enjoy!View full post »

Senior Recap!

Here are some of my favorite shots from this years seniors. I had the privilege of photographing my beautiful and stunning friends and I wanted this to be almost a little remembrance of  what happened this year. A thank you goes out to all those who helped me get these results.  People like Olga Karcha who is just amazing at working with hair, I must say its a God giving talent to be able to tame hair like she does. Thank you! and to all those who helped me with holding the lights and flashes,View full post »

The Nemchinsky Family

What a great growing family, I had the privilege of taking their pictures for some holiday cards. With the beautiful tree they decorated it made for the perfect background! Well i dont want to keep you from the actual images so here they are! Enjoy!View full post »

A Fresh start!

Welcome to Aleksandr Photography Press blog, where I will be updating you with all my most recent events. Stay updated with new Photography and graphic designs! You can find all my information and how to contact me on here. My name is Aleksandr, and this is what I do.View full post »

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