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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Just wanted to say a few things.

Hello everyone. So Time doesnt stand still for some reason, and every day it seems to move faster and faster. Another thing is summer wont last forever, and the beautiful days outside well eventually turn into beautiful nights. Then the colors change, and the snow falls but that doesnt stop a beautiful moment from happening. Then that moment is gone and lost due to the creation of time and space. There is one thing that could bring it back. Photography is something you can always look back on.View full post »

Check out Facebook!

If your searching around the web make sure to check out Facebook for little updates and snippets from weddings. Click here for a link to the Facebook site! Stay posted new weddings and pictures coming.   Aleksandr Verbetsky  View full post »

Sneak Peak from one of the latest weddings!

Vatily and Dina! Here is a little bit of the day! more coming all in due time Stay posted!View full post »

Yuriy + Yulia Engaged! 6.2.11

So its been a while since my last post but I think its finally time to update. So Recently I went on an Engagement Shoot with Yuri and Yulia from Albany, NY. Really awesome couple, I didnt even have to be with them long to notice that they are in love. Really great pair, meant for each other. God bless them and I wish them the best! So here are a few shots from the Day. EnjoyView full post »

More restorations!

Now this was a lot of work. A friend of mine gave me a project to do and lots of time and effort was made, but end result I learned a lot more and got some really useful experience.  The photos were old photos from time time my friends parents got married and even before that to their parents. At first I didnt even think It could be done but little by little it was restored! I had a great time doing them and its always interesting to tackel on a new project. There was a total of about 28View full post »

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