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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Igor + Lena | Married

Lets cut to the best stuff, this couple was on point with their relationship before, during and after the wedding! They know what they like and what they dont like and seem to blend in just right. I love that! Moving forward to the big day they seemed to have just about everything on track which is super when you have a long day planned ahead of you. I will just end it there because really the images will tell the story better than I can. Enjoy! Aleksandr Verbetsky    View full post »

Dan + Alvina | Engaged | Skinner Mt

This couple is super great and they have just the right mixture of love and fun. I think they will be going places in life and Im so happy its the two of them. Ive known Dan and Alvina for some time and it was such a pleasure to document this intimate moment between them. Their wedding is one of a kind and I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am for that. God is blessing his children and there is no way of hiding that. Much love and happiness im sending their way! Enjoy this amazingView full post »

Corey + Yulia | Alexlee House | Married

Corey and Yulia got married in the hills of Greenfield MA on a scorching summer day. It was hot let me tell you. Thankfully there was enough shade and the wedding happened mostly in the evening cool. Everything was great and I couldnt get enough of the high energy vibes that were beaming throughout the wedding. Everything was lovely and Im so happy for these two. Wishing them all the best that I can possibly offer! Venue: Alexlee house Videographer: Karen Grigoryan     View full post »

Frank + Jennifer | Mt Holyoke | Married

Frank and Jennifer are an extraordinary couple that I was able to have the privilege of photographing earlier in the year as well. Their connection session was spot on with the wedding they hosted afterwards. They did it down to the details and It was beautiful, from preparation in the morning to the dance off at look park! This couple might be on the quiet side but they have amazing friends and family which knew exactly how to treat their guests. I was fortunate to be in their company andView full post »

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