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Artem + Rypha | Philadelphia | Destination wedding

Destination weddings are always something special and should be treated that way. All in all you are being transported to a new location with new views and new vibes, it only adds to the creativity while really pushing you to try something different in the limited amount of time you do have. Artem and Rypha drove Dmitry G from Embark films and me from MA to PA for this one-day celebration! We were stoked to travel to PA for what we knew was going to be a good wedding and it was. Bridal prep was in a beautiful hotel with a view and the ceremony was in a beautiful church. The reception was held in another beautiful hotel with the final end of the day being downtown Philly. The light was just right and the mood was perfect. Please take a moment to enjoy this collection from Artem and Rypha’s wedding!


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