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James + Donna | Connection session | Newport, RI

James and Donna love Newport RI because not only is it one of their favorite places to go to but also where James proposed to Donna! If you haven’t already seen the epic video by the talented Dmitry from Embark Wedding Films then you need to check it out HERE first! This couple just set Newport on Fire with their style and go-getter attitude. I loved everything about the shoot and im so happy I can share it. When im photographing, nothing makes me happier than seeing an amazing coupleView full post »

Igor + Lena | Married

Lets cut to the best stuff, this couple was on point with their relationship before, during and after the wedding! They know what they like and what they dont like and seem to blend in just right. I love that! Moving forward to the big day they seemed to have just about everything on track which is super when you have a long day planned ahead of you. I will just end it there because really the images will tell the story better than I can. Enjoy! Aleksandr Verbetsky    View full post »

Dan + Alvina | Engaged | Skinner Mt

This couple is super great and they have just the right mixture of love and fun. I think they will be going places in life and Im so happy its the two of them. Ive known Dan and Alvina for some time and it was such a pleasure to document this intimate moment between them. Their wedding is one of a kind and I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am for that. God is blessing his children and there is no way of hiding that. Much love and happiness im sending their way! Enjoy this amazingView full post »

Corey + Yulia | Alexlee House | Married

Corey and Yulia got married in the hills of Greenfield MA on a scorching summer day. It was hot let me tell you. Thankfully there was enough shade and the wedding happened mostly in the evening cool. Everything was great and I couldnt get enough of the high energy vibes that were beaming throughout the wedding. Everything was lovely and Im so happy for these two. Wishing them all the best that I can possibly offer! Venue: Alexlee house Videographer: Karen Grigoryan     View full post »

Frank + Jennifer | Mt Holyoke | Married

Frank and Jennifer are an extraordinary couple that I was able to have the privilege of photographing earlier in the year as well. Their connection session was spot on with the wedding they hosted afterwards. They did it down to the details and It was beautiful, from preparation in the morning to the dance off at look park! This couple might be on the quiet side but they have amazing friends and family which knew exactly how to treat their guests. I was fortunate to be in their company andView full post »

Igor + Oksana | Proposal | Quabbin

I love the Quabbin Reservoir in Ware Ma and quite frankly I have never explored more than the usual places. I had the opportunity to cover this surprise proposal and it was great!! Ofcourse I was blessed to shoot with Dmitry from Embark Films which made it all the better. Very excited for this super couple and looking ahead to their big day!     Igor & Oksana – Proposal FIlm from Embark Wedding Films on Vimeo.View full post »

Ryan + Justine | Engagement | Quabbin

The winters here sometimes get cold but for the most part they are not that bad. Lately we have not been getting much snow so its been a real loss for shooting in the snow. Ryan and Justine were ready though and so we picked a day that worked and got to it. This just happened to be the coldest day of the new year!! Yes It was pretty chilly but luckily Justine had Ryan and I had… my camera. Life went on and we got some really great images in. Please take a moment to just enjoy this coupleView full post »

Dan + Alvina | Proposal | Boston, MA

There are some people in the world who love the quiet moments, away from the spotlight and people. While others are out there and they want to make it unforgettable in their own special way. This was a first for me but I was so happy to be apart of these two peoples lives as my friend Dan proposed to my friend Alvina on the ice at the frog pond in Boston MA. I gotta say, Dan did something that I know I would have been too shy to do but he made it happen and it was perfect. It’s not anView full post »

James + Donna | Proposal | RI

There are some things that only happen once and a proposal like this one made it into the books for me. James is a guy who ive learned, likes to make a good impression, he did it. With the help of a local helicopter pilot, James was able to get up in the air with Donna to fly over what appeared to be letters, in the sand. At first look, Donna didn’t even notice the text but in a short while it was clear. Proposal successful! There was a solid “Yes” from Donnas end and JamesView full post »

Alex + Irene | Engagement | New Jersey

Let me start off with Alex Krishchuk, Ive known him for quite the time and I honestly did not see this coming so soon. And it did and everyone is happy!  I got the call one day and from there we started documenting history. It was a real pleasure taking a nice ride down to New jersey by train as I typically do to see Alex and Irene ready for the day. Before I go on I must add, there was a lot to do and see that day and by the end of it, we just about covered everything. I would say there was aView full post »

William + Elena | West Springfield, Boston | Married

Make it happen and make it beautiful. William and Elena are a spectacular pair who fit each other like a glove. I had such a pleasure being there for them and Im excited to see another lovely pair embrace life together. This is one of the most rewarding things to experience in life and im blessed to have been apart of their day. Please take some time to enjoy this beautiful wedding as well as the second-day session in Boston Ma. Thank you! AleksandrView full post »

Ian + Biota | Crystal Peak

I loved this couple from the very start! They connected so well during our connection session where I got the chance to meet them in person and understand how they function together. The wedding was even more of that and I loved it! From the bridal parties that were having the best time all around to the parents who showed their emotions and expressed their love for their children. This was a spectacular wedding with details in every corner. The other vendors were spot on with their servicesView full post »

Danilcenco Family | Granby MA

This was a quick treat, cold but still fun. My sister requested a last minute family session and there was a lovely window of opportunity that we took. We headed out to Granby MA where I knew of a great little spot for the pictures. We arrived a little bit later in the day but that only added to the moody feel of fall/winter. It was quite chilly so we had to work fast and within a little bit, I knew we had a great set. Take a moment to enjoy this little family. Thank you Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Komerzan Maternity | Mt. Tom

Tonight is the perfect night to talk about this maternity session. Though some people might just be waking up or going to sleep or you have a bright sunny sky outside, here in New England we have the changing seasons which bring in unique weather patterns. We happened to pick a day when the fog was low and rolling over Mt Tom in Holyoke with a little rain also falling down. At first, we were considering cancelling but I’m glad we didn’t. The fog rolled over and into the mountainView full post »

Artem + Rypha | Philadelphia | Destination wedding

Destination weddings are always something special and should be treated that way. All in all you are being transported to a new location with new views and new vibes, it only adds to the creativity while really pushing you to try something different in the limited amount of time you do have. Artem and Rypha drove Dmitry G from Embark films and me from MA to PA for this one-day celebration! We were stoked to travel to PA for what we knew was going to be a good wedding and it was. Bridal prep wasView full post »

Denis + Regan | Connection Session | Montgomery MA

Set in the rural areas of Montgomery Mass, Denis and Regan matched up with horses and horsepower. I can’t get enough of these two! Submerse yourself in Denis and Regans moment. Wedding up and coming next year! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

David + Jessica | Hartford CT

These two are wonderful and the city never disappoints, together they create a perfect combo. Hartford has always had a great feel to it and thats why we made it our destination for this session. David and Jessica fit together like puzzle pieces, their laughs, jokes and bond are very well intermixed. Zero complaints from me the photographer because not only did we have a great view on the ground but right above was a stunning visual of Hartford at dusk. Rotor House Media makes it possible toView full post »

Adzhigirey | family session | holyoke

The Adzhigirey family is huge and if you do not know them then its’ worth getting to know at least a small percent. This is a snippet from the clan, Kiril and Corbin and their 5 beautiful children. Each one a little different than the rest with amazing attributes.  I always have a great time with families no matter how excited the kids can become. Sometimes the parents get frustrated with the kids not paying attention but its those moments you can connect with them and photograph realView full post »

Justin + Janine Knuz | Married | Open Square

They are married and in great style! The lovely couple Justin and Janine got married at Westfield Free Evangelical Church with a stunning reception at Open Square in Holyoke. We also took some amazing location shots at the beautiful Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke MA. This couple really is stunning in every way and this post should show you a little insight into their lives. Really take the time to enjoy Justin and Janine’s special day! Ceremony: Westfield Evangelical Free Church  Venue: MillView full post »

Igor + lena | Same Day Edit | Westfield MA

There is something magical about posting images the same day you took them. Igor and Lena got married over the weekend and being apart of their big day was special as is. Both of them share a passion for cars and they have a connection to each other that I enjoyed seeing. It was a lovely day from start to finish. Take a look at this same day edit from Igor and Lena! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Mike + Sarah | Wedding | Mass Moca

The Massachusetts museum of contemporary art hosted the gorgeous wedding of Mike and Sarah. It was a real privilege to be the photographer who got a chance not only to enjoy the museum but document a marriage between two great people. I met Mike and Sarah earlier the previous year at the museum as well and we took a stroll through it while discussing plans and really getting to know each other. Down the road we met there once again to do a connection session and this time I got a first look atView full post »

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