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Danilcenco Family | Granby MA

This was a quick treat, cold but still fun. My sister requested a last minute family session and there was a lovely window of opportunity that we took. We headed out to Granby MA where I knew of a great little spot for the pictures. We arrived a little bit later in the day but that only added to the moody feel of fall/winter. It was quite chilly so we had to work fast and within a little bit, I knew we had a great set. Take a moment to enjoy this little family. Thank you Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Komerzan Maternity | Mt. Tom

Tonight is the perfect night to talk about this maternity session. Though some people might just be waking up or going to sleep or you have a bright sunny sky outside, here in New England we have the changing seasons which bring in unique weather patterns. We happened to pick a day when the fog was low and rolling over Mt Tom in Holyoke with a little rain also falling down. At first, we were considering cancelling but I’m glad we didn’t. The fog rolled over and into the mountainView full post »

Adzhigirey | family session | holyoke

The Adzhigirey family is huge and if you do not know them then its’ worth getting to know at least a small percent. This is a snippet from the clan, Kiril and Corbin and their 5 beautiful children. Each one a little different than the rest with amazing attributes.  I always have a great time with families no matter how excited the kids can become. Sometimes the parents get frustrated with the kids not paying attention but its those moments you can connect with them and photograph realView full post »

Oprecht Family | Ashley reservoir

One of the final fall session of this year was with the Oprecht family at Ashley reservoir in Holyoke MA. It was a real pleasure to take our neighbors, the kindest people you can meet out to get family photos done since the last time they did this was 6 years ago!! Enjoy the photos from this beautiful family!View full post »

Falceanu Family | Turner Falls

The last session of three to complete the special collection that the Falceanu family signed up for early on when they just found out they were having a little one of their own! I had the privilidge of being there when they just found out and so we did the maternity session. Later on once Caleb came we took the time to photograph his first moments here, and finally after some time we have the completed family looking more beautiful every time! Enjoy this amazing family session with Veaceslav,View full post »

Larson Maternity | Hartford Reservoir

Kevin Larson is a good friend of mine that I had the privilege of meeting many months ago at a bridal show. The guy is super nice, friendly and creative when it comes to the video productions he does. He is one of the owners at First Light Studios where he creates fine motion cinema captures for his couples and clients. With great joy his partner Nicole contacts me on behalf of an arrival that is soon to be here! We talked about the session, when and where to have it and we decided thatView full post »

Myakushko baby

I had the pleasure earlier this year to photograph a new born that the Myakushko family had but it was post-poned because the baby was born early. We later moved the session to this fall and it was great. The little one was at first shy but eventually opened up. We had a lot of fun at ashley reservoir, especially during the fall when the leaves change into the most beautiful spectrum of colors you can find. Enjoy Aleksandr verbetskyView full post »

Yvon Family | Westfield

And here they are! the wonderfully talented Vyon family is just a pleasure to photograph. The couple own a painting/refinishing business where they specialize in interior designing to make your home or space more beautiful. You can view more about them HERE! They are an over all wonderful family that I was fortunate enough to photograph. Enjoy this first look at the Vyon family! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Leavitt Family | Nobel view

This has got to be one of my favorite families to photograph and this session was everything I expected! For starters we went to a very very beautiful location out in Russel MA where we got to see some of the most beautiful views from the hills of Russel MA. What made this session special was a wild excitement and energy from the two boys! Over all we had an amazing time and I look forward to seeing them in the future. Thank you and enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Fall Family session | Verbetsky

Its that time of year when you get your family together for some fall family session! Its always exciting to have everyone together and it seems like every year we have a new addition. This years new addition was my brothers little girl! Over all we had a great experience at Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke. Enjoy Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Slav + Yelena Verbetsky | Maternity

Our little family had a very fun time with this beautiful couple who will soon be parents. Slav and Lena were exciting and whimsical and we love how their pictures show it so nicely. With a little bit of exploration around Hadley, we found a small bridge, some vast flower fields, and grassy areas which completed the look that we were going for. We are very excited to meet their little girl who will make us uncle and aunt and our little Larion a cousin. Best wishes and blessings to our brotherView full post »

Okhrimenko – Newborn

Had a great time with the Okhrimenko family  and their little one. -AleksandrView full post »

Baby Caleb – Newborn

It was a pleasure photographing baby Calab which was part two of our 3 part series with the Falceanu family. This baby was very interactive but he worked with us on a few cute poses. Here is a first look from the session!View full post »

Slavic + Ina – Maternity | Family

A little over 2 years ago on Dec 3rd we came to this same location to do an engagement session with Ina and Slavic. The two were lovely and everything was beautiful, you can find that session HERE. Now two years later we come to the same location with a different look. Its no mo a family of 2 but going on to 3! This is one session out of 3 that we will have with them to document their families mile stone. For now enjoy this beautiful family. Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Mikhaylichenko family – Fall

This is the young Mikhaylichenko family that has an adorable little man who loves to makes faces. I had the privilege of preserving this memory of the growing family in its early stages. May God bless and continue to bless them and their journey through life. Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Villeneuve Family – Longmeaddow MA

This was a quick day due to the high winds and really cold chills but we still did it. The family is beautiful and the kids were lots of fun, though it was very cold the family and I pulled through. Enjoy!View full post »

Krasnov Family – Fall Holyoke Reservoir

The Holyoke reservoir is by all means one of many beautiful places to visit during the fall. I loved this session for that exact reason, The colors were beautiful and the kids, as kids, full of energy and excited to be out. Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Leavitt Family – Fall

Catching up with the family photos from the fall is always great. The leavitt family is so full of energy that it was a handful keeping up with their two little ones. Either way we had a great time! Enjoy! Aleksandr VebetskyView full post »

Little baby larion | B&W

Our little man is becoming more and more playful with every passing day. His emotions, faces, sounds, laughs, giggles, and tight hugs melt me every time. I can not express how thankful I am to God for this little guy in our lives. He truly is a gift from God and we are to take care of him and raise him up to become the man of God he is intended to be! Enjoy this little take from a session that Lesya actually photographed! Mr. VerbetskyView full post »

Baby Larik is here!

What an amazing weekend it was for my wife and me. Lets take it back a week before the 6th of July when contractions started. A whole week of those and when the weekend came I had two weddings lined up back to back. The first on saturday was my sister in law Lina and best friend Filipp kishko. A beautiful wedding which I cant wait to share with everyone! Well that evening everything started to really get serious and thankfully after the wedding was over I was able to rush to my beautiful wifeView full post »

Week 37! Harkness Memorial state park.

This was a pleasant photo session at Harkness Memorial State Park in CT where the weather and scenery was just perfect! At week 37 baby Larik is doing great and everything is going well! We are so excited about this little miracle that God has provided for us. Mr. & Mrs VerbetskyView full post »

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