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James + Donna | Connection session | Newport, RI

James and Donna love Newport RI because not only is it one of their favorite places to go to but also where James proposed to Donna! If you haven’t already seen the epic video by the talented Dmitry from Embark Wedding Films then you need to check it out HERE first! This couple just set Newport on Fire with their style and go-getter attitude. I loved everything about the shoot and im so happy I can share it. When im photographing, nothing makes me happier than seeing an amazing coupleView full post »

Dan + Alvina | Engaged | Skinner Mt

This couple is super great and they have just the right mixture of love and fun. I think they will be going places in life and Im so happy its the two of them. Ive known Dan and Alvina for some time and it was such a pleasure to document this intimate moment between them. Their wedding is one of a kind and I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am for that. God is blessing his children and there is no way of hiding that. Much love and happiness im sending their way! Enjoy this amazingView full post »

Ryan + Justine | Engagement | Quabbin

The winters here sometimes get cold but for the most part they are not that bad. Lately we have not been getting much snow so its been a real loss for shooting in the snow. Ryan and Justine were ready though and so we picked a day that worked and got to it. This just happened to be the coldest day of the new year!! Yes It was pretty chilly but luckily Justine had Ryan and I had… my camera. Life went on and we got some really great images in. Please take a moment to just enjoy this coupleView full post »

Dan + Alvina | Proposal | Boston, MA

There are some people in the world who love the quiet moments, away from the spotlight and people. While others are out there and they want to make it unforgettable in their own special way. This was a first for me but I was so happy to be apart of these two peoples lives as my friend Dan proposed to my friend Alvina on the ice at the frog pond in Boston MA. I gotta say, Dan did something that I know I would have been too shy to do but he made it happen and it was perfect. It’s not anView full post »

Alex + Irene | Engagement | New Jersey

Let me start off with Alex Krishchuk, Ive known him for quite the time and I honestly did not see this coming so soon. And it did and everyone is happy!  I got the call one day and from there we started documenting history. It was a real pleasure taking a nice ride down to New jersey by train as I typically do to see Alex and Irene ready for the day. Before I go on I must add, there was a lot to do and see that day and by the end of it, we just about covered everything. I would say there was aView full post »

Denis + Regan | Connection Session | Montgomery MA

Set in the rural areas of Montgomery Mass, Denis and Regan matched up with horses and horsepower. I can’t get enough of these two! Submerse yourself in Denis and Regans moment. Wedding up and coming next year! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

David + Jessica | Hartford CT

These two are wonderful and the city never disappoints, together they create a perfect combo. Hartford has always had a great feel to it and thats why we made it our destination for this session. David and Jessica fit together like puzzle pieces, their laughs, jokes and bond are very well intermixed. Zero complaints from me the photographer because not only did we have a great view on the ground but right above was a stunning visual of Hartford at dusk. Rotor House Media makes it possible toView full post »

Corey + Yulia | Connection Session | Amherst

With the wedding next week we decided to do a short connection session with Corey and Yulia. Im very glad we did because before this I didnt really know the couple all that well. We took a drive to Ahmerst to meet and chat about the day and then decided to head over to Umass Amherst. I love this college even though I never went to it, but it really has so much to offer. Textures and landscapes everywhere you look. We covered about 10% of the grounds if not less but it was worth it. Im reallyView full post »

Eugene + Tamise | Castle Hill | Connection session

Ready for something amazing. This couple is a powerhouse of love for each other. The session was the first time I met Tamise and she looked and felt like a natural in front of the camera. Paired along side my friend Eugene and you got yourself a fun and most defiantly photogenic couple. I took the drive out to Castle hill to meet them before sunset and I took with me Dmitry G who is an aspiring cinematographer who captured this short clip. Click on the link to see the video that is paired withView full post »

Frank + Jennifer | Connection Session | Mountain Park

This was something new for me, we decided to go and explore a new area in holyoke that Ive always wanted to explore. Mountain park in Holyoke has a lot of history and with the history came abandonment. My instinct told me that we have to explore this new area and what better way to do it than to take your couples on an connection session there! We got to the park and after a mile trek or so we got to the first location. Lots of run down buildings and overgrowth but there were some very niceView full post »

Sarah + Mike | Mass Moca | Connection session

It was such a pleasure to meet Mike and Sarah again at the Mass Moca where they will be having their wedding this spring! We took another tour of the exhibits while getting to know each other a little bit better. The two of them share a connection that I saw right from the start. Im really excited to be there in the sol lewitt gallery where they will make the commitment forever! Enjoy this little segment for the day. Aleksandr Verbetsky Venue: Mass MocaView full post »

Jovan + Casilda | Connection session | Hartford CT

One week before the big day we took Jovan and Casilda out to Hartford Ct for our connection session. I was so happy to get out and spend some time with these two before the big day because I got to know them a little better than emails being sent back and forth. The two are a power couple who love each others company. Casilda is full of energy and loves all sorts of cute girly things while Jovan is the perfect man to match her. Together we had such a great time in downtown exploring and gettingView full post »

Dima + Melea | Connection session

Ive known Dima for a little while and when I heard he became engaged I couldn’t be happier for the guy. To my surprise he contacts me and we book an engagement session in just weeks. I was excited as ever to first of all get to meet his fiancée and also do the session in the early morning! Its not often I do morning sessions but they are a treat for sure especially when you find a beautifully placed sunflower field. Enjoy this beautiful couple basking in each others love. Location: HadleyView full post »

Sergiy + Irina |Engaged|Hadley MA

Whats more romantic then falling in love while in missionary school? There might be many more things more romantic but this love story has been written by God from the start. Sergiy and Irina are friends of mine and when I heard their story I rested assured knowing that there was a third person working between the two of them. Its a beautiful thing when two people fall in love and even more beautiful when the both of them have very similar goals. Both Sergiy and Irina are in the missions fieldView full post »

Ruslan + Natasha | Engaged |Smith college

If love was not real then I would not love my line of work as much as I do. Ruslan and Natasha are a match and Smith college in Northampton MA was and Ideal location for this session. Hadley was our final destination which tied the whole shoot together perfectly. Im really excited to share this session with you! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Jeffery Byrnes and Sue Wesolowski | Engaged Holyoke Library

A good friend of mine once decided to take his relationship to the next level and propose to the love of his life. He did it, She agreed and now they are getting married! At first this session was not intended but I insisted that we make it happen for the both of them. Im glad they went with it and they were glad to be apart of it. A beautiful couple whose wedding is just a week away! My friend Jeff is a well known and passionate photographer in the Holyoke region where he has become anView full post »

David + Liz Engaged | Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Is absolutely beautiful when the cherry blossoms are blossoming and the weather is perfect. My friend David and his just recently engaged (just the day before!) Liz K, travel with me down to DC for unique and very beautiful engagement session. These two have a beautiful love story and together they are a beautiful couple! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Cergey + Julia | Engaged

An engagement is an act of progress towards a life long partnership between two people in love. Cergey and Julia are on their way to becoming one family and Im so glad I could be apart of that. We took a walk around the gardens and grounds of the Mt Holyoke college where we found some absolutely beautiful  locations. Im more than excited to share this session with you and later on this year share their wedding! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Derek + Gina | Engaged!

Early morning engagement session with a thick thick fog was the perfect setting for Derek and Gina. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with them and getting to know them a little better. For one Gina and Derek seems to fit like two puzzle pieces! They complement each other very well on top of which look fantastic together. Im so excited for their upcoming wedding next year! The way Gina explains it really tells me that its going to be special in so many ways. For now enjoy thisView full post »

Sal + Karen Engaged – Newport RI

Newport is one photogenic town and along with two photogenic people makes for some absolutely beautiful scenery to capture. I had the pleasure of taking a drive down to Newport Rhode Island for Sal and Karens engagement photos and I was so glad they choose that location. Everything was beautiful starting from the mansion that we visited to the cliff walk where we rounded down the evening. Sals excitement complimented Karens enthusiasm for great pictures, while I had the pleasure of capturingView full post »

Tim + Tamara Engaged- Boston MA

I know Ive said it before but this couple is just perfect, tag along a beautiful location like the Boston Public Library and you have yourself a perfect engagement! The library wasn’t enough so we went to the old part of town with cobble stones with beautiful homes and alleys that just match perfectly! I could go on but I would prefer the images speak for themselves as they take you through the day. Enjoy Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

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