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All new packaging!

Brand new packaging, an upgrade from the former and up to date with the times. For all wedding clients this is the new wedding Flash Drive packages.View full post »

Dennis Adzhigirey – Portrait

Here is to my cousin Dennis who took a trip down to the South Carolina which changed his life. This past Christmas he came up to visit family for the holidays and made a stop at my studio, we talked and even got some shots. He is also the first one on my newest portrait project! You can see the rest of his pictures HERE. Check him out. Enjoy, AleksandrView full post »

Wood carver Dan Gavrilyuk

This guy, also my brother in law, Dan is absolutely amazing with a knife and a chunk of wood! I can not tell you enough about how good he is. We decided to collaborate and try a new project. This is our first attempt at this, more in the works because this is only a tiny bit of his growing collection. You can check out more about him on his blog site HERE. Not only is his work great and beautiful but it is also for sale! Yes that means that you can actually order his hand made products, fromView full post »


Albums have always been in style and what better wat to view your wedding photos then in an album! Custom designed from the ground up to fit you and match you, Our albums are made to last. Made from the finest leather around with thick pages that wont fade and color that pops! Your album will be a keepsake for your family and an heirloom for your future. Hard cover books also available, with custom printed covers and full panorama spreads. Custom design as well and satisfaction guaranteed. AskView full post »

Juan and Ally! enjoying the day out!

Out and about, Juan Ally and I took the afternoon out at stanley park in Westfield MA.  Cute couple combined with wonderful weather and a photographer turns into what your about to see here! I hope you enjoy the short snippet from the day. You can view more pictures here! Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

Lesya Gavrilyuk – Birthday session!

Twenty-One years! that calls for a day out to take pictures! We went out to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. In this little town there are a hundred little things to do. What a great location for a mini session! Here are a few shots from the day, and what a beautiful day it was. Enjoy them!View full post »

mini Photo session with Oleg Yermakov

I had a great time with Oleg, another local photographer from the Western MA area. We walked around Westfield center and found a ton of cool new locations! Here are some shots from the afternoon with him. His website by the way is Check it out! EnjoyView full post »

Week 3 of 365!

Its here week 3. Im actually surprised that I got this far. So this month is mostly random things I have come across. Next month will be more themed. 🙂View full post »

Week 2 of 365!!

So sometimes the there are days were pictures are hard to come by or you just are not able to take a picture of something because of an event. It happens and there will be times I will post with pictures form my phone. forgive me but I am not able to carry my camera around everywhere. Well here is week two, And yes I do still take a photo ever day no matter what kind it is. But I will be trying to take better ones as the days go By. thank you once again! EnjoyView full post »

365 Day project is off to a good start!

This is week one of project 365! My newest and latest project. I am looking forward to better sharping my skills behind the camera by going out of my norm and trying something new. With your help and support I will be able to get this project finished! If you have any cool ideas you would like to see made into reality shoot me an Email with your idea and I will be glad to make it possible. So here is week one. I will be posting in weeks but I will be shooting every day! Thanks again and I hopeView full post »

Just wanted to say a few things.

Hello everyone. So Time doesnt stand still for some reason, and every day it seems to move faster and faster. Another thing is summer wont last forever, and the beautiful days outside well eventually turn into beautiful nights. Then the colors change, and the snow falls but that doesnt stop a beautiful moment from happening. Then that moment is gone and lost due to the creation of time and space. There is one thing that could bring it back. Photography is something you can always look back on.View full post »

Check out Facebook!

If your searching around the web make sure to check out Facebook for little updates and snippets from weddings. Click here for a link to the Facebook site! Stay posted new weddings and pictures coming.   Aleksandr Verbetsky  View full post »

Foggy and Rainy but the only time you can get this…

So the fog fell down in Agawam MA so hard that you couldn’t see 400 yards in front of you. Well this ment that it was a perfect opportunity to catch some really unique shots! What better subjects than my 3 younger sister. Even though it was wet and cold they still said yes to my offer. So we went out to the park on this perfect evening to see catch some really unique shot, Plus finally take some nice pictures to show off my beautiful sisters. Enjoy! Aleksandr  View full post »

Extreme sledding

We went out for a little sledding trip to some local golf club and well the winds were just crazy! I myself didnt go down much but instead had the opportunity to snag some really interesting shots. so here they are! I will be updating this post with a video as well to go along with the pictures to give you an idea of the weather! In my eyes it was beautiful, the video is not professional seeing as how it was quite cold and windy and all hand held. So stay posted and updated by subscribingView full post »

New post Updated!

Alright so earlier I posted that I would for this new year post something new every week.. Well it seems like I have so much work that I believe I could post something new everyday! So I am changing my Goal to A post a Day for 2011! It may be some photo work or just some designing that ill be doing. Be sure to stay updated by Subscribing Today! Thanks for all the support! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Happy New year! Welcome 2011!

Well the start of a new year is always a place to start over again. Not always we can do this.. only once a year 😉 But I hope that all those people that are Starting something new this year will go through it fully to the end. I personally am looking forward to this year, and there are so many plans that I have in mind, But I know that with God all things are possible and my trust will be in him. He has got me to where I am today and I know that He will get me through everything else that IView full post »

Going away Shoot

So we have some of our friends from choir leaving and we decided to make them a going away present. And yes because im posting this it involved pictures. On our stage we made a little photo shoot area, one flash and the background flood lights in the ceiling, this was about the best it got. But anyways Here are some of the shots of our FGC youth choir! Enjoy!View full post »

A Fresh start!

Welcome to Aleksandr Photography Press blog, where I will be updating you with all my most recent events. Stay updated with new Photography and graphic designs! You can find all my information and how to contact me on here. My name is Aleksandr, and this is what I do.View full post »

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