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Ian + Biota | Connection Session | Northwest park CT

Ian and Biota are great, they have a sense of laughter thats perfectly matched with each other. They already had their engagement session done a while back and I wasnt going to shoot their wedding with out getting to know them at least a little. Im glad we took a morning out to Northwest park in CT where we talked and had a great little photo session. Im very excited for their upcoming wedding and I can not wait to post some images from that. Until then enjoy this little preview! ­čÖé AleksandrView full post ┬╗

Frank + Jennifer | Connection Session | Mountain Park

This was something new for me, we decided to go and explore a new area in holyoke that Ive always wanted to explore. Mountain park in Holyoke has a lot of history and with the history came abandonment. My instinct told me that we have to explore this new area and what better way to do it than to take your couples on an connection session there! We got to the park and after a mile trek or so we got to the first location. Lots of run down buildings and overgrowth but there were some very niceView full post ┬╗

Natalie Jarest | Westfield High School Senior

Natalie contacted me in hopes of getting her photos done and done right. Our conversations were simple and short and I could tell that Natalie was a little shy and nervous, or she was just not comfortable with herself but I knew there was more to it than that. We headed over to Ashley reservoir in Holyoke to capture the essence of fall and what we saw was perfect. The light was just right and the atmosphere was asking to be photographed in. Other than the cold breezes that occasionally gustedView full post »

Dennis Legkodukh | Westfield Vocational high school

Dennis Legkodukh is one cool guy when you get to know him and he is a local here from Westfield vocational high school. This guy loves photography and soccer and with the right push after high school he will achieve great goals in life! We had a great time finding this location so enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Natasha Novik Bridesmaid session

If I was to say one thing about this session, It would be: That was awesome lets do it again! Natasha Novik, the bride of the great guy named Ruslan  wanted to do a special bridal session with her and her girls. It was a unique experience for sure but I had a great time with them all. Im excited to share with you a little preview of what happened! Location: Ahmerst Umass College Enjoy Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Slav + Yelena Verbetsky | Maternity

Our little family had a very fun time with this beautiful couple who will soon be parents. Slav and Lena were exciting and whimsical and we love how their pictures show it so nicely. With a little bit of exploration around Hadley, we found a small bridge, some vast flower fields, and grassy areas which completed the look that we were going for. We are very excited to meet their little girl who will make us uncle and aunt and our little Larion a cousin. Best wishes and blessings to our brotherView full post »

Roman + Mira |Engagement |Granby

Lets get one thing straight and that is that Roman and Mira are one spectacular pair. Both are in the same medical field working with peoples breathing and both of them complete each others needs! It was my pleasure to take them out to Granby Ma where we got to spend some time together. They are a super couple and Im very excited not only to share this session but their wedding which is coming up soon! Enjoy this for the time being! AleksandrView full post ┬╗

Portraits for a new cause

Its 2015 and the year has so far been great! I wish everyone else a fantastic year full of exciting adventures and surprises. Over the course of a few months my wife and I have been considering the less fortunate children all over the world and we wanted to make a difference in 2015. Our main objective is to sponsor a child through the compassion program and help them receive food, clothing, education and most importantly the message of salvation. For the 2015 year we will be booking 2 specialView full post ┬╗

Christina Verbetsky – AHS Senior 2015

Time flies so fast I cant even believe it myself that my little sister Christina is already a senior! Wow really im so happy for her and I wish her all the best for her upcoming challenges and successes! It was really a pleasure to go out around Agawam/Westside and capture some unique angles. Ill be honest and say that she was so shy at first but broke in and we had so much fun. I would even go to say that shes a natural with photography. Im really excited and happy for her and her future, whoView full post ┬╗

Christina Kukharchuk – Senior 2015

Another awesome session with an awesome senior from Southwick highschool. We too to the urban locations of Westfield and ended the session with some studio portraits using the ring light. Enjoy this senior session. Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Self Portrait Project 1

This month Ive challenged myself to develop a new perspective of my own image. This is taken from the first week of self portraits this month. My wife being a perfect assistant, I had to include her too.  Working on this project I hope to discover new ways of capturing feeling and life. A part of me will open up that some know about and others might not. I hope this will be an interesting experience for you and I. Thank you Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Fatima and Vlad portrait session! Southwick

An amazing session for sure with Fatima Grechka the winner of the April give away session! She was stunning in the natural light and with her floral crown by Tom from “Floral Concepts By Tom” He did a great job!┬á Flower crown:┬áFloral Concepts By Tom Location: Southwick MA Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post ┬╗

New curved metal prints!

Interested in something unique for your home? New curved metal prints are here and you dont need to nail anything on your walls! You can order your metal prints with a special price for the month of May using the code MAYMETALS for 10% off! All you have to do is select your images from the proofing site and check out with the code MAYMETALS! This deal is only for the month of may! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post ┬╗

28 Weeks and looking beautiful!

We recently went on a small drive into the hill towns ┬áand decided to take a few pictures at 28 weeks! My beautiful wife Lesya is doing great and the baby is as active as can be. Its been so exciting so far and I can’t wait to meet our little boy Larion! Here is a glance from the shoot! Enjoy Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post ┬╗

Luminita Nikita Senior 2014

Such a beautiful day only means a beautiful session! Childs park in Northampton MA was the perfect location for this senior session. Luminita looked stunning along with her violin. Enjoy this senior set! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Daniel Kaiser – Portrait

A new friend of mine Daniel, came from Germany to visit and see what America is like. While he was here we decided to have a mini studio portrait session. He had no idea what to do but with a little guidance he figured it out. The first half hour was all laughs and then it just got better and better. Enjoy! AleksandrView full post ┬╗

Dan Karcha! Senior 2014

Senior time with Dan Karcha out in the urban decayed  location in West springfield. This session was just awesome none the less. Dan sported his guitar like a pro and even strummed some tunes while we shot.  I can defiantly see potential in this young man and I hope he keeps it up though his final weeks in high school and on through college. Enjoy this bit! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Samantha! High School Senior 2014 | Westfield

Samantha did an amazing job modeling for her last year of Westfield High School! Everything about this shoot was perfect and Sam nailed it with her looks and style. Here is a little glimpse of the session! If your interested, book your senior photos session with us and receive some of the freshest seniors pictures around! Enjoy! Mr. & Mrs. Verbetsky  View full post ┬╗

Dan + Albina Engaged! Westfield MA

Another awesome couple on their way to tying their knot and becoming one family! Dan and Albina are a fantastic couple who I had the privilege of photographing around downtown Westfield. I can not be more happier for the couple and wish them all the best! So enjoy this little excerpt from their engagement session in downtown Westfield MA. Enjoy! AleksandrView full post ┬╗

Arianna Birthday party | Stanley park

A beautiful day out at the park with my little friend Arianna. We celebrated her birthday along with a few of her friends. Here are a few shots from the mini event. EnjoyView full post ┬╗

Ruslan + Dyana Engaged!

Another lovely couple engaged and on there way to marriage! Ruslan and Dyana were a pleasure to photograph in the lovely Stanley park in Westifeld Ma. The hour was golden and their expressions were perfect. A lovely couple that Im excited to photograph in a couple of months for their wedding! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

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