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Natalie Jarest | Westfield High School Senior

Natalie contacted me in hopes of getting her photos done and done right. Our conversations were simple and short and I could tell that Natalie was a little shy and nervous, or she was just not comfortable with herself but I knew there was more to it than that. We headed over to Ashley reservoir in Holyoke to capture the essence of fall and what we saw was perfect. The light was just right and the atmosphere was asking to be photographed in. Other than the cold breezes that occasionally gustedView full post »

Dennis Legkodukh | Westfield Vocational high school

Dennis Legkodukh is one cool guy when you get to know him and he is a local here from Westfield vocational high school. This guy loves photography and soccer and with the right push after high school he will achieve great goals in life! We had a great time finding this location so enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Christina Verbetsky – AHS Senior 2015

Time flies so fast I cant even believe it myself that my little sister Christina is already a senior! Wow really im so happy for her and I wish her all the best for her upcoming challenges and successes! It was really a pleasure to go out around Agawam/Westside and capture some unique angles. Ill be honest and say that she was so shy at first but broke in and we had so much fun. I would even go to say that shes a natural with photography. Im really excited and happy for her and her future, whoView full post »

Christina Kukharchuk – Senior 2015

Another awesome session with an awesome senior from Southwick highschool. We too to the urban locations of Westfield and ended the session with some studio portraits using the ring light. Enjoy this senior session. Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Luminita Nikita Senior 2014

Such a beautiful day only means a beautiful session! Childs park in Northampton MA was the perfect location for this senior session. Luminita looked stunning along with her violin. Enjoy this senior set! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Dan Karcha! Senior 2014

Senior time with Dan Karcha out in the urban decayed  location in West springfield. This session was just awesome none the less. Dan sported his guitar like a pro and even strummed some tunes while we shot.  I can defiantly see potential in this young man and I hope he keeps it up though his final weeks in high school and on through college. Enjoy this bit! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Samantha! High School Senior 2014 | Westfield

Samantha did an amazing job modeling for her last year of Westfield High School! Everything about this shoot was perfect and Sam nailed it with her looks and style. Here is a little glimpse of the session! If your interested, book your senior photos session with us and receive some of the freshest seniors pictures around! Enjoy! Mr. & Mrs. Verbetsky  View full post »

Senior Session in the Studio!

Cathy Verbetsky, My oldest little sister! The first senior to have there photos done at the new studio in Westfield! This was an exciting photo session due to the fact that it was a double session! One outside and around Westfield and the other in the studio! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taken them. Thanks and feel free to come visit the studio for your session! New ideas daily all thats missing is you! Enjoy this! AleksandrView full post »

Ivan Tkatch Senior! 2012

What a great time in Boston, Hanging out with my friend Ivan (a professional long boarder) as well as taking his senior shots. We had a great time! Look for the new longboarding Video coming this spring! Enjoy!View full post »

Val Dzhosan Senior 2012

So we went out the train tracks around westfield downtown. Here were some of the shots from the day with Val. Enjoy!View full post »

Valya and Mariya! Seniors!

Cold winds dont stop these two girls from going on a double senior session, But I bet you cant even tell they were cold. EnjoyView full post »

Svetlana Popchuk Senior 2012!

Another day in the park… well this became a walk in the farm, What a perfect setting for a girl seeking that wild farm setting. Im kidding it was not that wild but the location was perfect. After wich we went down town Westfield MA and got some neat shots. Check them out Enjoy! Aleksandr  View full post »

Julia Mosijchuk Senior 2012!

Julia and the camera just clicked! We had a great time going out around Springfield and getting some pretty cool unique shots with her. The photoshoot went great and the pictures came out even better. So before I say anything else here are some shots from the Day! Enjoy! Aleksandr  View full post »

Sofia Carapeta Senior 2012!

It was a great time, driving up to Chester MA for the waterfall in the forest. The scenery was absolutely stunning. well worth going back and enjoying the Nature that God created. The photoshoot was done 98% natural light. I had a great time and Sofia was an awesome senior to photograph. Well here are the pictures from the day.! Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

Alvina Lozko Senior 2012!

Alvina Lozko, Westfield High school senior for the year 2012. We had a great time, Being a nature girl she was taken deep into Robinson park in Agawam for her senior location. A fun energetic young woman who can have the time of her life in a simple forest. Enjoy! Aleksandr  View full post »

Irene Nesen – Senior 2011!

Last year her sister Ana Nesen had her senior pictures done and they were fantastic! This year the younger sister Irene stepped up to the plate and got her Senior pictures done! And every shoot I do is so unique, the locations, the people, the styles. Irean was unique in her own way, the day went great! We started with springfield and moved on to CT where we would stop by where we thought looked interesting. It was a great day from start to finish. Here are some of the shots from the afternoonView full post »

Beth Popadic! Home school high school senior!

Thats right the Senior of the Popadic Home school Christian Education! And I was giving the privilege of taking her Senior pictures. We started from home and went out to barkhamstead reservoir  in CT. What a beautiful place! I also Got to try out and play with my new Lensbaby Control Freak! Also a unique piece of glass. love using it, As well as taking out the Gopro HD and shooting a few ultra wide photos that you will see later on. Well I wont say much more here are the shots form the Day!View full post »

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