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Dennis Legkodukh | Westfield Vocational high school

Dennis Legkodukh is one cool guy when you get to know him and he is a local here from Westfield vocational high school. This guy loves photography and soccer and with the right push after high school he will achieve great goals in life! We had a great time finding this location so enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Portraits for a new cause

Its 2015 and the year has so far been great! I wish everyone else a fantastic year full of exciting adventures and surprises. Over the course of a few months my wife and I have been considering the less fortunate children all over the world and we wanted to make a difference in 2015. Our main objective is to sponsor a child through the compassion program and help them receive food, clothing, education and most importantly the message of salvation. For the 2015 year we will be booking 2 specialView full post »

Self Portrait Project 1

This month Ive challenged myself to develop a new perspective of my own image. This is taken from the first week of self portraits this month. My wife being a perfect assistant, I had to include her too.  Working on this project I hope to discover new ways of capturing feeling and life. A part of me will open up that some know about and others might not. I hope this will be an interesting experience for you and I. Thank you Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Fatima and Vlad portrait session! Southwick

An amazing session for sure with Fatima Grechka the winner of the April give away session! She was stunning in the natural light and with her floral crown by Tom from “Floral Concepts By Tom” He did a great job!  Flower crown: Floral Concepts By Tom Location: Southwick MA Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

28 Weeks and looking beautiful!

We recently went on a small drive into the hill towns  and decided to take a few pictures at 28 weeks! My beautiful wife Lesya is doing great and the baby is as active as can be. Its been so exciting so far and I can’t wait to meet our little boy Larion! Here is a glance from the shoot! Enjoy Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Daniel Kaiser – Portrait

A new friend of mine Daniel, came from Germany to visit and see what America is like. While he was here we decided to have a mini studio portrait session. He had no idea what to do but with a little guidance he figured it out. The first half hour was all laughs and then it just got better and better. Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

Arianna Bashinsky – Portrait

This little girl was a ball of fun! Just a smashing time with her and her faces!View full post »

Dina Gavrilyuk – Portrait

My friend Dina Gavrilyuk A simple portrait for her.View full post »

Alena Pechenkina – Portrait

A small session with Alena Pechenkina.View full post »

Lina Gavrilyuk – Portrait

Sister in law Lina Gavrilyuk had her portrait taken not long ago and this is was it! A lovely individual who has an eye for art! Enjoy Aleksandr  View full post »

Alisa Gavrilyuk – Portrait

To my dear friend Alisa Gavrilyuk! This one is for you. Keep up the great work and God bless you AleksandrView full post »

Day out with Margaret Gavrilyuk

Here are some shots from the little mini session we had with Margaret! Lots of fun in the fog check them out! Enjoy AleksandrView full post »

Margaret Gavrilyuk – Portrait

For my little sister in-law this one is for you! Enjoy AleksandrView full post »

Portrait giveaway!

Take your best shot! mail it to and enter to with the free studio Portrait giveaway!View full post »

Roman Tikhonchuk – Portrait

To my younger friend Roman, You do the right thing and never stop serving God. AleksandrView full post »

Alice Verbetsky – Portrait

For my little sister Alice, this one is for you!  View full post »

Oleks Melnichuk – Portrait

To my dear friend Oleks Melnichuk. You are just one stunning looking guy! May God bless you abundantly and I wish you all the best. Thanks for being there for me and helping me out when I need it. You’re just a great guy!  View full post »

David Vilkhovoy – Portrait

To my friend David Vilk who is the author of his new book “THE STANDARD CHRISTIAN EPIDEMIC”  came to the studio for an author headshot. We got some really good stuff, you can read more about him here on his BLOG! AleksandrView full post »

Lesya Verbetsky – Portrait

For my love Lesya, To me you are the most beautiful woman on earth. On top of that the best cook and food artist Ive ever known. Thank you AleksandrView full post »

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