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Alaska Video Series Part 3

So here is the continuation of the Alaska Trip that Filipp Kishko and Myself took January 2010. In this video we hiked a 4000 Ft Mountain in about 3-4 feet of snow. but the video was amazing. And here is a picture from it. HERE Oh and afterwards we did go sledding down the mountain. equipment. Nikon D300s Nikon 18-200mm F3.5 SledsView full post »

Metal Prints Here to Stay!

New prints just came in, One on Metal and a Tin case for single DVD’s, All clients that receive One dvd in there package will receive it in the new DVD tin cases, with custom covers to match the event! Another option that is available is Getting your pictures printed on Metal! yes thats metal with a brilliant shine. These pictures will last forever and are much harder to destroy. Sizes range from 8×8, 12×12 and up. they are a great addition to your home and I am 100% positiveView full post »

Trash the dress?

So one, keeping up with a post a day is tough but maybe possible, other than that I just wanted to update you all with a shot from the latest Trash the Dress shoot for Pete and Vika, It took place in Petes junk yard and there was a lot that happened! Here is just one from the huge batch. Will post more later Stay posted! Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

The stages of Excitement with Ghenna!

Here is a short composite of Ghenna from New years! and yes im doing my best to keep this post a day going! i only have a few minuets left!View full post »


So here is part 2 of the Alaska Trip that Filipp and I took January 2010. Enjoy. 2 more videos coming after this Alaska Trip Part 2 from Aleksandr Verbetsky on Vimeo.View full post »

New Logo design!

Alright so Im sorry that I missed yesterdays post but to keep this post a Day thing going I need to upload something new and what better than my new look. Out with the old in with the new! Nice and Clean look for 2011. If you didnt see the new Label on top here is another look at it.  well thats about it for now. New arrivals coming in next week, another peek at new products! so Subscribe today and stay updated! Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

DVD cover work

Here is a little preview of the latest DVD cover for Anatolie | Katie!View full post »

Quick wedding shots

Here is a quick wedding shot I took form the most recent edit, This picture I just did not know what to leave it at, so made a copy and tried something new. What do you think? I personally like both but I would like to hear your opinions. The second, third, and forth, shots was just some of my favorites from the little mini session I had with the ring boy and flower girl! they were great! Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

New post Updated!

Alright so earlier I posted that I would for this new year post something new every week.. Well it seems like I have so much work that I believe I could post something new everyday! So I am changing my Goal to A post a Day for 2011! It may be some photo work or just some designing that ill be doing. Be sure to stay updated by Subscribing Today! Thanks for all the support! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

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