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Just wanted to say a few things.

Hello everyone. So Time doesnt stand still for some reason, and every day it seems to move faster and faster. Another thing is summer wont last forever, and the beautiful days outside well eventually turn into beautiful nights. Then the colors change, and the snow falls but that doesnt stop a beautiful moment from happening. Then that moment is gone and lost due to the creation of time and space. There is one thing that could bring it back. Photography is something you can always look back on.View full post »

Check out Facebook!

If your searching around the web make sure to check out Facebook for little updates and snippets from weddings. Click here for a link to the Facebook site! Stay posted new weddings and pictures coming.   Aleksandr Verbetsky  View full post »

Serge | Alla 1.8.11

So here it is, Finally Serge and Alla’s wedding is complete. January 8th 2011! What a way to start the new year. It was a beautiful, the snow was falling in the morning so it laid a perfect white blanket. It really was beautiful. Well enough talking here are the pictures! Enjoy! Aleksandr  View full post »

March Model Hunt! Ends 3.30.11

Its time to get out side and start shooting! Im looking for a person Man/Woman, Girl/Boy who would be interested in spending 2-4 or more hours on a photo shoot with me. The person must be fun, outgoing and interested in trying out new ideas, getting creative and having a good time! All edited photos will be given to the person on a custom Disc to keep and/or put in their portfolio. Preferable have a few outfits to change into. Transportation is provided unless you want to take yourView full post »

Latest in Weddings

Editing the first wedding of this year. Pictures coming up soon so stay posted! Thanks Aleksandr  View full post »

Foggy and Rainy but the only time you can get this…

So the fog fell down in Agawam MA so hard that you couldn’t see 400 yards in front of you. Well this ment that it was a perfect opportunity to catch some really unique shots! What better subjects than my 3 younger sister. Even though it was wet and cold they still said yes to my offer. So we went out to the park on this perfect evening to see catch some really unique shot, Plus finally take some nice pictures to show off my beautiful sisters. Enjoy! Aleksandr  View full post »

A little update..

Here is a little update from the latest wedding, More pictures coming from the wedding and second Day shoot! Here is a sneak peak of one of the photo session. Gorgeous couple amazing day= Amazingly gorgeous pictures! Here is a snap shot! Trying some new textures. A neat way to dress up a picture. Enjoy AleksandrView full post »

A little artistic Editing

Here is a shot from the most recent wedding Danil and Olya, One picture caught my eye and i decided to do a little more artistic editing. Here is a before and after shot. I thought it was a great action shot of the little flower girl running in Action! Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

Latest in Restoration!

Here was a challenge. lots of little work stains and such but in the end it happened! I kept that original color to make that picture speak more than just black and white. Apparently that building in the corner was one of the most important parts of this picture. who knew? Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

New Updates and such thing!

Alright so its been a while since i did a blog post, Keeping up with the once a day posting has failed, but im still going strong on once a week. So lets see there has been Lots of new stuff happening DVD work, Albums, Editing editing and editing! the next few posts will have more work that has been finished. Stay posted on new work and such. Im looking forward to this year for more portrait sessions, Excited about getting back outside and shooting. All this editing has been keeping me bundledView full post »

Pete and Viky Trash the dress album preview

Here is a sample of Pete and Vikys album, Some design elements im trying out. more pictures from the day coming. stay postedView full post »

Alaska Video Series Part 3

So here is the continuation of the Alaska Trip that Filipp Kishko and Myself took January 2010. In this video we hiked a 4000 Ft Mountain in about 3-4 feet of snow. but the video was amazing. And here is a picture from it. HERE Oh and afterwards we did go sledding down the mountain. equipment. Nikon D300s Nikon 18-200mm F3.5 SledsView full post »

Snowy Fun with my sisters!

So heres a little video I made with two of my sisters in the snow. its a short film so wont take too much of your time. Enjoy!View full post »

Extreme sledding

We went out for a little sledding trip to some local golf club and well the winds were just crazy! I myself didnt go down much but instead had the opportunity to snag some really interesting shots. so here they are! I will be updating this post with a video as well to go along with the pictures to give you an idea of the weather! In my eyes it was beautiful, the video is not professional seeing as how it was quite cold and windy and all hand held. So stay posted and updated by subscribingView full post »

Happy New year! Welcome 2011!

Well the start of a new year is always a place to start over again. Not always we can do this.. only once a year 😉 But I hope that all those people that are Starting something new this year will go through it fully to the end. I personally am looking forward to this year, and there are so many plans that I have in mind, But I know that with God all things are possible and my trust will be in him. He has got me to where I am today and I know that He will get me through everything else that IView full post »

New Post Every week for 2011!

Hello. So Ive decided to do a new post once every week for all of 2011. Yes this is not gonna be easy at some points but I will do my best to keep you all updated with all the latest pictures videos or design things I will be working on this new year! Encouragement is always welcome from bloggers, and people alike, also leaving comments or liking it will help encourage me to continue to do this to the end! Helping me reach this goal to post something new every week! If possible post more in aView full post »

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