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More restorations!

Now this was a lot of work. A friend of mine gave me a project to do and lots of time and effort was made, but end result I learned a lot more and got some really useful experience.  The photos were old photos from time time my friends parents got married and even before that to their parents. At first I didnt even think It could be done but little by little it was restored! I had a great time doing them and its always interesting to tackel on a new project. There was a total of about 28View full post »

Back to how it should be!

Another Photograph Saved from the hands of time. I must say the hardest past of this project was some facial work that needed to be done but otherwise another great photo set back to how it was ment to be. Enjoy AleksandrView full post »

Latest in Restoration!

Here was a challenge. lots of little work stains and such but in the end it happened! I kept that original color to make that picture speak more than just black and white. Apparently that building in the corner was one of the most important parts of this picture. who knew? Enjoy! AleksandrView full post »

Photo Restoration!

If you have an old photo that you know might get lost or damaged even more later on in the years or would like to have one of your Photographs restored back to its original solid state, it can be done! Dont let your memories be forgotten, also you get a digital copy to make duplicates when ever you want . Here are a few examples.  (on the left are the originals, Right, Restored) Enjoy!View full post »

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