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Igor + lena | Same Day Edit | Westfield MA

There is something magical about posting images the same day you took them. Igor and Lena got married over the weekend and being apart of their big day was special as is. Both of them share a passion for cars and they have a connection to each other that I enjoyed seeing. It was a lovely day from start to finish. Take a look at this same day edit from Igor and Lena! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Frank + jennifer | SDE | Look Park

Amazing weekend spent with an amazing couple that I was fortunate to meet earlier this year. Frank and Jennifer placed everything into my hands and said your the photographer, make it happen! Im glad we were able to build that trust from the first session (which you can find HERE) and use it on the wedding day to create some stunning images. I will add one more thing though, this Saturday was HOT and almost unbearable to be outside so instead we all went inside an old chapel on Mount HolyokeView full post »

Ian + Biota Same Day Edit! | Crystal peak ct

I had the pleasure and honor of photographing the spectacular  wedding of Ian and Biota where two cultures merged into one. Ian from a Scottish background and Biota from Chinese. The two blended so well that creating this same day edit was a breeze. I can not express how happy I am with the results and this is just from picking on the fly! Thank you everyone who made the day perfect! Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Janine + Justin Same day edit!

Ah im excited to share this quick little same day edit that I did for Justin and Janine over the weekend. This couple is amazing both inside and out, a true testimony of the love of Christ. All throughout the wedding I saw their attitude of servanthood. It was such a pleasure working with them that I wanted to share this same day edit as soon as I could! Enjoy!View full post »

Cergey + Julia Married |SDE| Boston, MA

Just like that and before you knew it they were married! Cergey and Julia spent the beautiful summer day in the Boston harbor soaking up every minute they had together with their friends and family. It was my pleasure and honor to be apart of such a memorable moment in their lives. Here is a first look from the Same Day Edit! Enjoy!    View full post »

Jeff + Susan Holyoke Canoe Club | SDE

Jeff Byrnes and his beautiful wife Susan Byrnes become one family on the 23rd, of May 2015! This Nautical themed wedding fits them perfectly since they love the cape and the water. There is so much to say about this couple that I will leave it for the full wedding post. I love this couple and working with Jeff in the past only made this whole experience even better. If you haven’t yet seen the engagement session you can do so HERE and fall in love with them before you see this beautifulView full post »

Salvatore and Karen Married | The Farmington Club | SDE

A gorgeous couple that has been waiting to get married for a longg time has finally done it! On May 22nd, 2015 Salavatore and Karen tied the knot, mixed the sand lit the candle or how ever you would like to say it. I had the pleasure and honor of being their photographer though the whole process. I love this couple and I wish them the happiest and greatest life together! Composed here is the same day edit from their beautiful event. Enjoy! Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Derek + Gina | Married

Starting off this year with the very beautiful couple Derek and Gina whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year for their engagement session. The wedding was stunning with the little white chapel in Northhampton to the Garden house in look park. I only wish these two the very best and to their families a very large thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so special in their lives. Enjoy this Same Day Edit!   -Aleksandr VerbetskyView full post »

Kristen and Rico – Same Day edit

On the wonderful day that my son was born I had the privilidge of photographing Kirsten and Rico’s wedding down at Anthony’s Ocean view in New haven CT. A beautiful venue that always does a great job preparing and making events beautiful. This wedding was very nice with the cermony on the beach and the reception under a shaded area next to the water. A beautiful couple united. EnjoyView full post »

Brendan + Cailin Married Same Day Edit!

Just an amazing time with Brendan and Cailin at the Salem cross Inn in Brookfield MA. Outdoor wedding with a barn reception, this was a perfect setting for the couple. They fit right in to the scenery from top to bottom. Lesya and I had a great time and this was the Same day edit we did for them! Venue: Salem cross inn DJ: Nolan Pelletier  Flowers: Salem Cross Inn florist Enjoy this same day edit! Mr. & Mrs. VerbetskyView full post »

Gian + Emily Albelice! Married! Same day Edit!

This was just a blast! Gian and Emily contacted me about a month before their wedding and we made arrangements for the big day. With the plans she told me, It seemed like a dream wedding for her and Gian coming from the Marine Corps made this all the more special wedding. The day came and my wife Lesya and I were taken away with the beauty and atmosphere that this wedding gave off. This was truly a dream wedding for Emily and Gian. The caterers from Villa Rose were perfect in serving the mostView full post »

Chris + Kerrie Married! Log cabin Same day edit!

This was one fantastic wedding that we were able to cover. With a gorgeous wedding location at the Log cabin in Holyoke, and a beautiful couple, this wedding was stunning. Enjoy this Same day edit! Location: Log Cabin Music DJ: DJ-ZJ Flowers: Durocher floristView full post »

Ruslan + Dyanna | Married Same Day Edit

Beautiful couple who I got to photograph earlier for their engagement session HERE. Here is the same day edit of their big day! Enjoy Aleksandr & LesyaView full post »

Inna and Denis Same day edit!

Here is a same day edit from a recent wedding in New haven CT, located on the beautiful Anthony’s ocean View Banquet hall. Inna and Denis are one awesome couple and I can not wait to finish their wedding photos! Here is the same day edit from there wedding viewed at the reception! Venue: Anthony’s Ocean View Flowers: Vozik Designs  Enjoy Aleksandr & LesyaView full post »

Jared + Linnea Banz Cape cod wedding! | Same day edit

From the latest wedding in Cape Cod, I was able to shoot another beautiful couple! After covering her sister Bethany Westrum wedding Found HERE I was privileged to drive down to the cape and photograph Linnea her sister. We started the day with the guys and Jared who were an awesome bunch of guys. After them we headed over to Linnea and her prep, the day was perfect and everything went just as planned. The wedding was beautiful and I loved everything about the beach we visited. With the lowView full post »

Same day edit! Serge + Larisa

This was meant to be posted earlier but with this fast paced world of wedding photography it can be hard to always keep up the blog. This was a same day edit from Serge and Larissa wedding. An amazing and beautiful bride coped with a handsome and stunning groom along with a fun and active bridal party equals one awesome wedding! This edit was from the morning prep to the reception where I was able to grab some time and edit the shots as the reception was preparing. I absolutely love doing thisView full post »

Chris + Tanya Difort | Same day edit – Destination Virginia

For the first time in our history we have accomplished a same day edit for my friends Chris and Tanya Difort! The first wedding of this season and we did a little twist on our normal and usual routine and created a same day edit for the lovely couple. From my experience, it was a lot of  excitement and loads of fun. We downloaded the cards a soon as we got to the reception and started picking out the shots. Once the reception was over we had a little time while the people ate to color correct aView full post »

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