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Komerzan Maternity | Mt. Tom

Tonight is the perfect night to talk about this maternity session. Though some people might just be waking up or going to sleep or you have a bright sunny sky outside, here in New England we have the changing seasons which bring in unique weather patterns. We happened to pick a day when the fog was low and rolling over Mt Tom in Holyoke with a little rain also falling down. At first, we were considering cancelling but I’m glad we didn’t. The fog rolled over and into the mountain where it settled in the woods giving us the perfect opportunity. So the reason why today is a good day to talk about this shoot? Well, we have had rain all day and the mood has been rather moody. This session fits the mood of today and if you’re from around these parts then you know. Otherwise enjoy this beautiful mama and her growing family.

Thank you!

Aleksandr Verbetsky

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